From a clear conception to a leadership

Now it is hard to imagine a world without the web. A modern ecommerce and mobile-commerce solution needs to perfectly represent your company and your products. It is an up-to-date contact center and sales channel for your customers. And we are willing to develop the most attractive concept for your customers!

WebiProg specialists define the goals and the target audience of the new website. We formulate and visualize initial ideas and content, set the direction and discuss everything in detail with the customer by e-mail or telephone.

Our approach takes into account your ideas, wishes and goals and is customer-oriented. Our experience in e-commerce and mobile-commerce will guarantee a fully developed concept which matches your goals and your budget.

The success of Internet projects is not pure luck, it is based on a clearly defined concept:

- Goal setting

- Requirements compliance

- Ideas generation

Functional web design

Good web design has to be not only beautiful and attractive but also functional. When creating a web design, we watch over clear navigation, fast ways to contact and quick loading time.

Clear and easy understandable site structure is a prerequisite for usability and interactivity with the customer. We place special emphasis on search engine optimization and increasing efficiency.

Our creative web designers produce stylish designs according to the defined concept and corporate identity.

Abstract of web design

- Functional web design

- Optimized graphics and images

- User-friendly navigation structure

- Accessibility

- Structured menus

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