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WebiProg is committed to provide you with powerful ecommerce shopping mall solution. Shopping malls are very beneficial and reduce investment and time-to-market.

A lot of commerce projects become systems of several online stores. And all business managers want to have multiple online stores- front-ends - linked to the same backend. And it is worth to wish it!

Multiple front-ends all linked to the same backend have its own design, products, and can have their own domain names. It's promoted to reach the target audience. You can manage several online stores using the same backend. All information is stored at one place, all reports will be shown for the whole business. Separation of your goods catalogue can improve SEO of the system, all front-ends can have links to our front-ends that will increase page ranks. One of the front-ends can act as an affiliate business.

This very convenient and beneficial solution can be applied by two methods:

- Multiple Front-ends are used for the same business and managed by the same administrator

- Each front-end is a separate business within the system with its own administration team

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